OP Bio Factory was established from a marine survey company based in Okinawa, Japan. We emphasize our company's main services as a natural product discovery company with marine resources, supplies and resource support since 2006.
The Company's mission is to contribute to global health through discoveries and development of natural products. We focus on pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, animal health, agricultural and cosmetical applications using the richness of biodiversity in Japan. The company has seasoned industrial professionals and uses well-designed facilities and equipments to support clients and collaborators in different aspects of natural products research and development.

OPBIO Mission


To contribute to humankind and society by progressing and developing with sustainable use and protection of bioresources.

OPBIO Vision


To contribute bioresources diversity of Japan to the Global Health. We will pursue to be the best natural product discovery company in the world and will always be dedicated for providing innovations and solutions for future generations.



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  • Research and Development side
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  • biological Resources
Company Access
  • Head Office  MAP
    Okinawa Life Science 107
    5-8 Suzaki, Uruma- City

    Okinawa Prefecture
    Japan 〒904-2234

  • Uruma Institution MAP
    Okinawa Science&Technology
    Promotion Center 3F
    12-75 Suzaki, Uruma-City
    Okinawa Prefecture
    FAX :+81(98)982-1332

  •  Okinawa Health BioTechnology
      Research Center Map
    12-75 Suzaki, Uruma-City
    Okinawa Prefecture
     FAX :+81(98)989-8745

Head Office TEL:+81 (098)891-8280